If you’re a member of tech communities online, you’ll often read success stories of people whose lives were changed by working in tech. People who knew nothing and got their first job months later, others having a six-figure salary, etc.

But if you’re not there, it may feel demotivating! You might think that maybe you’re not good enough, even inferiority complex may creep up. It is normal?

The first thing to consider is that people love to boast about their own successes. It’s also inspiring for many people, who upvote/like/favourite those comments and make them popular and viral.

Many of those success stories are real, but those are not the full picture. Many of them also struggled just like you, but they decided not to post that. Or maybe they did post their struggles, but those posts weren’t so popular.

Also, some people on the Internet just lie. It’s wise to take everything you read online with a grain of salt.

I say this a thousand times, and I’ll say it again: coding is a skill. As such, most people can master it if they take a learning approach that suits them and if they practice consistently.

For some people it will be harder than others, there’s no way around it. For some people, it will take longer than others. But it is possible nonetheless. Don’t let social media distract you! You’ve got this 💪